36 Hours in Sofia | Bulgaria

36 Hours in Sofia | Bulgaria

July 18, 2018


Perhaps not your first choice of holiday destination, Sofia offers a sophisticated beauty. One reflected by its ancient architecture and historical landmarks. Bulgaria may not be 1st on the tourism map, but this allows it to remain a somewhat hidden European gem. Visiting this city for a 36-hour getaway will leave you immersed in its rich empirical history, and stunning sense of character.


Something to do when you land

Get straight into the spirit of Sofia, by visiting the Antique Market. We hope your haggling skills are top notch, as you might have to negotiate to secure some beautiful Bulgarian treasures, and potentially sort out all of your souvenirs at the beginning of your trip. Should you venture around the Cathedral, you will find a world of traditional fabrics and rugs for sale.

 Alexander Nevsky Sq.

Speaking of the Cathedral, we’re sure you’ll have some time to venture inside this gold-plated wonder. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was constructed in the early 20th century, and is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox Cathedrals in the world. It was built as a memorial to 200,000 Bulgarian, Belaorussian, Ukrainian, and Russian soldiers who lost their lives in the Russo-Turkish War.

Aleksander Nevski Square, Sofia, Bulgaria



Designed by renowned Japanese architect, Kisho Kurokawa; Hotel Marinela was built with a top floor room that offers a unique view of Sofia. However, this isn’t the most impressive feature of this city haven. Kurokawa created a Japanese Garden installation, which he modelled on the 400 year old Japanese Garden of Hotel New Otani, in Tokyo. This peaceful space offers an escape from the fast pace of the city, where you can leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in the flora and fauna.


Hotel Marinela, 1407 Sofia, 100 James Bourchier Boulevard


Alternatively, the Sofia Hotel Balkan offers you the perfect balance between luxury and classic design. Once described as “re-defining the concept of space,” this Bulgarian landmark is located in the heart of Sofia, in short walking distance of iconic galleries, museums, and monuments. For those of you who are avid history lovers; the foundations of the Sofia Hotel Balkan are the remains of an ancient Roman fortress, the remains of which can still be seen around the hotel.


Sofia Hotel Balkan, 5 Sveta Nedelya Square, Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria




What better way to start your first full day in this marvellous city, than to indulge in a lavish breakfast at Villa Rosiche. This café is considered by to be a Bulgrian staple, by both locals and tourists. Serving a perfect mix of sweet and savoury dishes, we are sure Villa Rosiche will satisfy your gastronomy needs! We recommend the chestnut cake.

Villa Rosiche, 26 Neofit Rilski Str. /off Vitosha Blvd, Sofia.


10:30 AM

The Sofia Public Mineral Baths were designed by the notable Bulgarian architect, Petko Momchilov. Now an exhibition space and museum, it still captures a spirit of community, as locals frequent this venue to take away free hot mineral water.



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