Le Grand Cru, our signature premium olive oil, is exceptionally intense and has been perfected after more than a century worth of harvests.

It is the purest olive nectar that we name 'fleur d'huile' as it has not gone into the press or centrifugation processes.

After the olives have passed the first stage of being crushed, a layer of the purest extra virgin olive oil rises at the top of the paste. This layer is manually scooped and bottled without any filtration process, before the rest of the paste is mechanically pressed to extract the extra virgin olive oil from it. 

We infused our Grand Cru with the exquisite aroma of white truffle from Piedmont with its characteristic fresh notes of mushroom with hints of garlic. Two exceptional ingredients for a mesmerising taste, using by numerous chefs worldwide. 


As soon as you open the flask, you will be blown away by the intensity of its musky, subtle and garlicky white truffle aromas from Piedmont. Very versatile, they are perfect as a finishing on veloutés, meats, fish, or on toasts and canapés.

  • On a freshly made mash potato
  • Freshly baked scallops
  • Simply on scrambled or poached eggs
  • Try it on a freshly baked pizza with grilled artichoke on top 
  • Pasta, risotto or polenta
  • With fois gras & terrines
  • On cheeses, a few drops on goat cheese, camembert, brie, Saint Marcelin...


Emblematic ELY SÉIDE flask. High quality glass especially made for a perfect conservation of ELY SÉIDE olive oils. 

Refillable serving Flask - Beautifully painted on the glass and with integrated pourer | 100ML


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White truffle aromatic extract


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