Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Délicatesse | Mild & Fruity 

Our two extra virgin olive oils, Intense and Délicatesse are without a doubt the two ELY SÉIDE olive oils that you will find the most in renowned chefs'  restaurants around the world.

For all of you who love mild olive oils full of sunshine and mediterranean flavours, Cuvée Délicatesse is THE olive oil for you, it will transform every salad into a culinary master piece full of southern tastes! 

Harvested with ripe olives. at the middle or towards the end of the harvest season (End of November), 10 Kgs of olives are necessary to produce 1 Litre of Délicatesse Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Antioxidants: Superior to 800mg/L (In comparison with the industry average standard which is 200mg/L) | It is therefore also a natural immunity booster 

Manual harvest | Cold pressed within 4 hours of picking (Industry standard: within 3 to 4 days after picking) 


Fruity with notes of fresh grass, almond and walnut. 


  • With vegetables, cooked or raw.
  • Ideal with chicory, spinach or endives
  • Pasta, risotto, quinoa
  • Ideal with balsamic, vinaigrettes, and salad dressings


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

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