With over 1,500 varieties of olive trees in the world, only a specialised skillset can truly identify which trees have the potential to produce superior olive oil; in terms of both nutrition and taste.

Zena Ely-Séide Rabia, Founder and CEO of ELY SÉIDE, has a Masters Degree in oleology from the university of Montpellier; and extensive experience as an olive oil sommelier for Chefs and Restaurant owners. This specialised knowledge of olive produce, from a scientific and gastronomic standpoint, has allowed her to source and create a product range with uncompromised tastes or health benefits.

ELY SÉIDE olive trees are amongst the most resilient varieties; thriving at the gates of the Sahara Desert, in Southern Tunisia. In this challenging climate, the olive trees have developed a stronger immunity for survival. This is then passed on to the oil, in the form of nutrients. Through manual harvesting methods, refined by 4 generations of Master Olive Oil Makers; ELY SÉIDE oils perfectly preserve these nutrients. This results in an antioxidant content, that is more than three times the amount of industrially produced olive oils.

Rich in polyphenols, our oils also help to protect against conditions such as, heart disease, high blood pressure and certain cancers.

Zena’s expertise and legacy are demonstrated through the quality of the ELY SÉIDE range, and thus dedication and great care is taken to ensure our collections remain of the highest standards.