Zena Ely-Séide Rabia, who now leads the business based in Lyon - France, has a Masters degree in oleology, demonstrating a long-term commitment to developing the expertise at the heart of ELY SÉIDE. She is also an olive oil sommelier, trained by the French Olive Oil Association and works with numerous laboratories for olive oil sensory analysis & grade certifications.

Her expertise extends to a ceaseless quest to discover rare oils and the perfect accompaniment for any culinary experience. Her work brings her to continuously explore and develop bespoke blends for chefs and restaurants owner. 

She is committed to maintaining a sustainable, biodynamic approach to olive oil production for ELY SÉIDE. She ensures that the olives remain pressed by hand. They are treated with love, care and respect in the fresh dew of the Tunisian dawn.

A continued embrace of tradition, alongside increasing nutritional knowledge and discovery, makes today’s House of ELY SÉIDE.