Sustainable farming and packaging


Sustainable Farming

Methods of harvesting Ely Séide’s delicate olives remain largely the same as they were 138 years ago:

  • The olives are picked by hand

  • The olive trees are spaced 20 metres apart - this allows the trees to gain more nutrients from the soil
  • Pruning, irrigation and picking are timed to the lunar calendar
  • No pesticides are used whatsoever
  • No machinery is used to harvest the olives and no vehicles are allowed near the site of the olive groves - this helps the soil to retain its purity and quality
  • The olives are pressed less than three hours after harvesting
  • The oils are then left for slow decantation to allow their flavours to gently develop over time


  • Our bottles need only to be bought once - we sell refills that are made using recycled and biodegradable materials
  • Our wood is from a European forest (certified timber) and the varnish used has a natural olive oil base
  • We use only ISO-certified suppliers

Environmental Chart

The importance of sustainability focuses on four key areas:

  • Transfer knowledge to protect biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Involve suppliers in our sustainable model of farming and distribution
  • Strengthen and develop the eco-design aspect of new products
  • Limit CO2 emissions during production and transport