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138 years of History

Four generations since 1879

It all began 138 years ago with an inheritance from father to son and from father to daughter. This legacy now spans four generations and two countries.





The ELY SÉIDE orchard is located in the southern part of Tunisia at the gate of the Sahara desert and was acquired in 1879 by the Rabia family.

At that time, Tunisia is becoming a French entity under the French protectorate. 

The family's love for the olive trees and a disproportionate obsession for both traditional and innovative processes of production, led the estate to become one of the most respected producer very early on.



In 1949, Ely follows on his father's (Séide) footsteps and starts producing himself.
The first harvests were rough, the earth traumatised after a long period of drought that plagued the region since 1945.
In the decades that followed, this olive orchard became known in the region as an epic success. As Tunisia turned more cosmopolitan, the social elite, including numerous renowned French and Italian restaurant owners, settled in Carthage, Bizerte and Djerba. And early on, these pioneers of gastronomic revolution recognised ELY SÉIDE’s estate for the excellence of its olive oils.


After the war, the politico-economic tensions in Tunisia led the family to migrate to France where they settled a delicatessen business, a business that Ely balances with ritual shuttles back to Tunisia to tend to his native olive groves several times a year.



Today the ELY SÉIDE estate represents the subtle and delicate perfection of an ultra-sublime olive oil, adored by connoisseurs and praised by renowned chefs. 

It is the beginning of a new chapter, bathed in the olive culture and tasting since her early childhood, Zena is the latest Rabia in the long line of master olive oil producers and the keeper of her fathers’ craftsmanship. 

As part of her inheritance she wants to share this love for an eco-friendly and bio-dynamic inspired approach to oil production and invites you in the fascinating world of olive oil tasting.