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ELY SÉIDE pearls are made of extra virgin olive oil with white truffle. As soon as you open the jar, you will be blown away by the intensity of its musky, subtle and garlicky white truffle aromas from Piedmont. Very versatile, they are perfect as a finishing on veloutés, meats, fish, or on toasts and canapés.

ELY SÉIDE olive oil pearls, with a unique encapsulation technique, use an algae to create the edible transparent membrane. The result is simply magical! A spheric shape like caviar, which dissolve in the mouth to let an extra-ordinary aromatic palette explode (literally!)

They can be served on cold or hot dishes and also in mixology to create divine cocktails with a twist.


Ambiant temperature even after opening the jar. After opening, keep up to 6 months.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil and aromatic extract, calcium chloride, natural gelling from brown algae,sodium alginate.


Serve on dishes up to 70°C temperature

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