DIANE is a robust extra virgin olive oil that is particularly ideal with meat dishes as a finishing oil or used at the end of the cooking process. 

tasting journey

It infuses meat dishes with an intense flavour and yet, delicate so not to overpower any of the original essence. Its fruitiness reminds the palate of a grassy bouquet. Its flavour is pronounced with imposing aromas of aromatic plants. 

Culinary suggestions

  • Beef carpaccio
  • As a fining olive oil, it brings meat's flavours to life
  • With very mild salad leaves such as iceberg or lettuce or simply on a potato salad with lemon and coriander. 
  • A drizzle on fruit slices (yes, on fruits! You will be surprised of the flavours!) 
  • Simply as a dip with a balsamic vinegar or on its own. add a fresh loaf of bread and heaven opens its doors.  


Emblematic ELY SÉIDE serving flask. High quality glass especially made for the perfect conservation of extra virgin olive oil.

Refillable serving Flask - Beautifully painted on the glass and with integrated pourer | 200ML / 6.76 fl oz


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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