ELY SÉIDE pearls are made of extra virgin olive oil. Very versatile, they are perfect as a finishing on veloutés, meats, fish, or on toasts and canapés. 

With a unique encapsulation technique, we use a marine algae to create the edible transparent membrane that "encapsulates" our drop of extra virgin olive oil. The result is simply magical! A spherical shape like caviar ( but vegan caviar) which dissolve in the mou for an extra-ordinary aromatic flavour.

They can be served/added on cold or hot dishes. Try them also on desserts or with alcohol and create divine cocktails with a twist.

CONSERVATION | Ambient temperature even after opening the jar. After opening, keep up to 6 months.

INGREDIENTS | Extra Virgin Olive Oil and aromatic extract, calcium chloride, natural gelling from brown algae, sodium alginate.

SERVING | Serve on dishes up to 70°C temperature

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